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Gabriel Garzón-Montano Previews New Album With Fierce Single ‘Agüita’

Gabriel Garzón-Montano veers into radio-friendly territory on his new song “Agüita,” which is scrappy and bare and drenched in programmed hi-hats. 

“Agüita” is the second new song from Garzón-Montano since the end of May, when he returned with “Someone” after a period of quiet. While that track sounded like it could have appeared on his 2017 album Jardín, “Agüita” could fit easily on a Spotify playlist next to heavily streamed singles from Dalex or Rafa Pabon or Alex Rose. Similarly, the video is packed with revving motorcycles and dancers, the hallmarks of major-label visuals aimed at mainstream audiences. Garzón-Montano raps in terse, staccato bursts, working his way back to the drilling chorus, which just repeats the title word six times. In the clip, he sprays water from a hose while planted on top of a truck, rides a horse bareback, and rarely buttons his shirt — if he even bothers to wear one. 

Both “Agüita” and “Someone” will appear on Agüita, which is due out October 2. Garzón-Montano has a gift for concision: At a time when many albums sprawl, Jardín was just ten tracks, and so is Agüita. 


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