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GORGUTS Won’t Play Another Show Until Their New Album Is Done


Hopefully you saw Gorguts at Maryland Deathfest, because they’re not hitting the stage again until their new record is done. The new Gorguts record will be their first since the single 32-minute long song “Pleiades’ Dust” released in 2016.

“Thank you, Maryland Deathfest! You were amazing,” wrote Gorguts on their Facebook page. “Now it’s time for us to work on new material. The band won’t be performing live until we release our new album. Please be patient—this is how the process goes.”

Gorguts‘ frontman Luc Lemay shared some thrilling insights about the band’s future plans during a 2023 interview with RichardMetalFan, saying he’s got a clear idea of what the new material should sound like.

“The new album, I’m gonna start working on this right after this tour. I took a long break from composition,” said Lemay. “My mind was just not into it. And I didn’t feel I had anything to say. But now I have a clearer vision of what I wanna do, so it will be an easier task to do.”

If you’re really itching to see Lemay on stage, catch him with Pallid Veil this September at the Metal Injection festival. Pallid Veil features Lemay, Dave Davidson of Revocation, Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan and In Flames, and Elliot Hoffman of Carbomb. Get all the festival information and tickets right here.

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