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Hear ILoveMakonnen Surprise-Released New LP ‘My Parade’

ILoveMakonnen surprise-released a new album, My Parade, on Tuesday, highlighted by lead single “Whoopsy” (featuring Payday).

The track is built on woozy synth, grinding sub-bass and iLoveMakonnen’s recurring falsetto chirp of the title phrase. Payday pops up in the second half, tossing out brisk disses like “I ain’t even gotta duck ’cause your aim is lazy.”

In a statement, ILoveMakonnen described My Parade as his “first album being back in control over [his] creativity and art.”

“It’s about celebration of self and having your own parade, even if the world is raining down on it,” the rapper-singer said. “My Parade album is a collection of genre bending styles that I like to experiment in and showcase my versatility as an artist putting no limits on my musical expression. It’s for my fans who appreciate and enjoy all of the different eras of ILoveMakonnen’s music so far and for new ones joining in now on my artistic journey. This is releasing music in its purest form. The artist creates and then releases it to the world. No major label, no distributor.”

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Detailing “Whoopsy,” Payday added, “Thank you to the legend Makonnen for having me on this track and his debut album. I heard the line ‘I lost your hoe and now you know’ and it spoke to my soul.”

My Parade follows ILoveMakonnen’s 2019 EP, M3, which included the singles “Drunk on Saturday,” “I’ve Been Waiting” (featuring Fall Out Boy and the voice of Lil Peep) and “Spendin,” a collaboration with Gucci Manne.

ILoveMakonnen – My Parade Track List

1. “2SEXY”
2. “If It’s Cool”
3. “Whoopsy” (feat. Payday)
4. “So Saucy”
5. “Whip It Harder”
6. “Bad Bitch With a Stutter”
7. “More Bitches Than the Mayor” (feat. Lil B)
8. “All I Wanna See”
9. “I Can See It In Your Eyes”
10. “What You Tryna Do”
11. “My Parade”
12. “Makonnen’s Beethoven”
13. “My Hustle Don’t Stop”

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