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Hear Juice WRLD’s ‘Wandered to LA’ Featuring Justin Bieber

The late Juice WRLD’s song “Wandered to LA” featuring Justin Bieber has arrived. The track appears on the Chicago rapper’s posthumous album, Fighting Demons, set to be released on Dec. 10. Juice’s verse addresses a love woven with a love for drugs. Bieber’s also focuses on love and making a relationship work.

The preceding trailer for the track features footage of Juice WRLD discussing anxiety and how there is stigma around it. “That’s not how it should be. And that needs to change,” he says. His friends discuss how he thought he had it under control, but that he may not have known how serious things had become. They added that he was scheduled to go to rehab, but then he tragically died. Bieber says that he used to wake up in the morning, pop pills and smoke a joint. “People don’t know how serious it got,” he says. He also advises people to reach out to others. “I would just encourage people, like hey if you’re feeling lonely, talk about it,” Bieber says in the trailer. “Say it out loud. There’s a freedom in that.”

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On Dec. 9, the inaugural Juice WRLD Day will be celebrated in Chicago at United Center in partnership with the Live Free 999 Foundation. Juice’s mother Carmela Wallace established Live Free 999 in honor of her son to support positive mental health and substance dependency programs and treatment. The album launch event includes special guest performances and appearances as well as a preview of the HBO documentary Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss.

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