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Here’s Where to Find Every Edition of Adele’s New Album ‘30’ Online

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Adele’s 30, one of the most hotly-anticipated albums of 2021, is set to be released on November 19, and the singer is making it available in multiple formats — and multiple limited editions.

Demand for the album is expected to be high — Easy On Me, the album’s first single, broke streaming records on every platform, garnering 24 million plays on Spotify alone on the day of its release. In her new cover story for IndieLand, Adele seems ready for the pressure that comes with topping her last album, 25, revealing that she’s excited for fans to hear her new music.

Like all modern albums, you can stream Adele’s 30 on services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, and Amazon Music worldwide the day of its release, but it’s also available in a handful of deluxe physical editions through select retailers. These versions of the album come with extras that won’t be available anywhere else. In some cases, that includes bonus tracks that aren’t going to be on streaming services, possibly ever.

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Whether you’re an analog or digital music listener, the Adele album bundles below are each available from a single retailer, and supplies are going to be limited. That’s especially true for vinyl, which has been more difficult to produce due to supply chain issues as a result of Covid-19.

If you’re an Adele fan — or just a record collector — here are all the different versions of 30 to add to your music collection. Pre-order these now before the album’s official release date to reserve your copies.

1. Amazon Exclusive White Vinyl Edition

Adele 30 (Amazon Exclusive Edition)


Amazon is offering a two LP version of 30 in white vinyl. It has the exact same same track list as the standard CD version of the album. Amazon is also offering a version of this double album set in black if you’d prefer the classic look of albums on your turntable.

Adele '30' (Amazon Exclusive Edition)

2. Target Exclusive CD Version With Bonus Tracks

Adele 30 Target


Target’s exclusive version of 30 is a CD package that contains three bonus not found on the standard or LP versions of the album. This includes the non-LP tracks Wild Wild West and Can’t Be Together, plus a version of Easy On Me featuring Chris Stapleton with a new arrangement. This version 30 is currently $2 cheaper than normal ahead of its release.

Adele '30' (Target Exclusive Edition)

3. Walmart Exclusive Clear Vinyl Version

Adele - 30 (Walmart Exclusive) - Vinyl


Walmart’s exclusive version of 30 includes a version of the album with the standard track listing pressed onto two clear LPs. The store is also including a 12-inch square print that isn’t available anywhere else.

Adele '30' (Walmart Exclusive Edition)

4. Adele 30 CD Box Set

Adele 30 CD Box Set


Adele’s own website is offering an exclusive version of 30 that includes a CD, T-shirt, and 5 x 7 photo print. The CD features the album’s standard track listing. Adele’s website also offers a version of this boxed set with a cassette instead of a CD for $45.

Adele '30' CD Box Set

5. Adele 30 Standard CD Edition

Adele 30


If you’re only interested in having a physical copy of 30 on CD, you can pick up the standard edition at Amazon, Target, at Walmart for roughly $10 if you order right now.

Adele '30' CD

6. Adele 30 Standard Vinyl Edition

Adele 30 Vinyl


If you’d like to have a physical copy of 30 on vinyl, you can pick up the standard edition at Amazon, Target, at Walmart for $35.99 if you order right now.

Adele '30' Vinyl LP

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