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HOWARD JONES & ADAM D Are Mixing Their Debut Album


Current Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones spent a good amount of time last time recording their debut album. It seems work has largely wrapped up on the new project, as Jones took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal that the record has been mixed: “Mixing has begun on me and Adam s first full length, and we are finding the right label to call home.”

Funny enough, Metal Blade CEO and founder Brian Slagel commented on the photo, expressing his interest in signing the new band. Killswitch Engage is currently signed to Metal Blade, though the band never released a record on the label with Jones on vocals (as they were signed to Roadrunner for the majority of their career).

Killswitch Engage parted ways with vocalist Howard Jones in 2012, but over the years have improved their relationship. Jones has been joining Killswitch Engage on stage here and there to play some of his old material, and even had him in the studio for guest spot on their 2019 album Atonement.

The new project will be the first time Jones and Dutkiewicz have been in a band together since Killswitch Engage‘s 2009 self-titled album.

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