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JOSH HOMME: “I Don’t Think That QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Is A Very Easy First-Listen Band”


Queens Of The Stone Age isn’t known for churning out catchy pop anthems. In fact, frontman Josh Homme readily admits the band’s music takes some effort to appreciate. But hey, sometimes that effort can be just what you need to navigate life’s rough waters.

“I don’t think that Queens Of The Stone Age is just a very easy first-listen band,” Homme told Dean Delray in a new interview transcribed by Ultimate Guitar. “You’re talking about eight records in, and you do ask yourself, ‘Why should I listen to someone’s eighth record? I’m certainly asking that when we’re going to make one. I mean, you could be simple about it and say, ‘It’s just what I like to do’, and leave it at that.”

Homme acknowledges the band’s evolution across those albums, each pushing boundaries and keeping things fresh. But beneath the surface, there’s a thread connecting their work, like “cousins of other songs.” This interwoven tapestry might not be immediately apparent, but it adds depth and complexity that unfolds with repeated listens.

“But I also think that… because we’re building off of all these other records… I like to write songs that are cousins of other songs. But it means that, even when our songs are simple, they’re somehow a little bit complicated. So, that first listen or two… I have people all the time telling me, ‘Until the ninth listen, I didn’t get it.’ And I say, ‘But you went back nine times. Thank God you’re doing that.'” he explains.

“I mean, what a blessing it is to have people give it a fifth chance, because, I believe that if you like rock ‘n’ roll, this will work. And by the fifth time, you’ll understand where this is.”

Homme goes beyond musical appreciation, suggesting music as a tool for navigating life’s challenges. Just like mastering a new tool takes time, understanding music like Queens Of The Stone Age‘s can unlock its true potential. It might not be your go-to for every mood, but when you need it, it becomes the perfect fit.

“Music is a bit like a tool, and you if you have a new tool that you don’t understand how to use, you’re like, ‘What is this fucking thing?’ But once you understand it, you use it in the moments in your life that you think you need it, and it’s the best tool for the job.”

“My outlook has gotten more that way, where I want to make this specialized tool, it but it takes a second to learn how to use it. I think if it takes five listens to start to understand something, that means you’ve got 10 times that amount of listens before it gets old. I want someone to have listened to it 50 times.”

Queens Of The Stone Age isn’t fast food rock. It’s a gourmet experience that demands your attention and rewards your patience. So, crank up the volume, hit repeat, and delve into a musical world that unfolds with every listen. At some point, you might just surprise yourself with how much you enjoy the journey.

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