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Kelis Craves ‘Midnight Snacks’ in New Video

Kelis has released a video for her new song “Midnight Snacks.” An aptly-titled track for the Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef/musician, the song is her first new solo music since she released her 2014 LP Food.

The snapped, grooving throwback vibe recalls Kelis’ early material and the Adrienne Raquel-directed visual contrasts that with futuristic elements. Kelis hangs with some friends in a futuristic home that also has a vintage refrigerator. While she sings about craving the kind of midnight snacks that don’t involve food, the video features indulgent treats, including jello, pancakes, ice cream and donuts. “Guilty pleasures I just can’t deny/I’m greedy and I don’t care,” Kelis sings. “Guilty pleasures I just can’t deny/’Cause I know what I want, yeah/Midnight snacks.”

“I heard the beat, thought it was dope, and the first thing that came to mind was ‘Midnight Snacks.’ [Producers] The FaNaTix were like, what are you talking about? And I was like, it makes you feel like a midnight snack! And that was it,” Kelis said of the track in a statement. “It’s funny to me, but I like the fact that you can take sex and food, and you can put these two things together, and they’re totally interchangeable. I love that.”

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