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KORN Seems To Be Teasing 30th Anniversary Self-Titled Album Shows


Korn fired the opening salvo of nü-metal way back in 1994 with their self-titled debut album. Now it seems Korn is getting ready to do some shows surrounding the anniversary, as they’ve just posted a teaser of the album art with the number 30 in the background.

The PRP points out that the teaser was shared (and then removed) by the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, CA via Live Nation. All we know for certain is that whatever Korn is announcing, it’s getting announced tomorrow, March 5. Stay tuned!

It’ll be interesting to see how the shows shape up, considering Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis stating in a 2022 interview with Metal Hammer that he’s not interested in playing the album closer “Daddy” live anymore.

“I felt like I robbed the world of doing that live for so long. I felt like I owed it to our fans that were hardcore enough to come and see us on the 20th anniversary of that album, but I don’t wanna do it again.

“Going out and touring that record, I realized how dark it is – it’s some depressing shit. As we got into Follow The Leader, it became more about groove. The emotion was there, but it wasn’t that particular darkness we captured on that first record.”

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