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Lawrence Rothman Processes Trauma in the Amanda Shires Collab ‘Thrash the West’

L.A.-based songwriter Lawrence Rothman addresses childhood abuse and trauma head on in their stunning new song and video “Thrash the West.” The moody, atmospheric track features Amanda Shires on harmony vocals.

“Thrash the West” is the latest preview of Rothman’s upcoming album, Good Morning America, due July 16th. The project includes collaborations with Shires, Katie Pruitt, Caroline Rose, and Lucinda Williams, who sings on the track “Decent Man,” released late last year.

“‘Thrash the West’ details how I came to terms with the childhood trauma of sexual abuse from a teacher, and how I found an opportunity to heal after decades through a chance meeting with a poet/healer whom had been through the same experience,” Rothman said in a statement. “Through many FaceTime sessions during COVID, this helped me find a new solace and healing from the fracases of pain. I then wrote the song ‘Thrash the West’ about coming to terms with, and finding a new way to compartmentalize the demon that has haunted me.”

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Shires’ harmonies add an ethereal quality to “Thrash the West,” complementing Rothman’s rich, deep vocal style. “This past year has been a lot, but one saving grace was the opportunity to collaborate with Lawrence Rothman,” Shires said. “It was a real pleasure to sing with someone so unreservedly creative. Lawrence is a light. They are a student of the human condition and what it means to love what you love and be who you are. Also, their voice…swoon.”

Good Morning America, produced by Yves Rothman and Justin Raisen, will be released on Rothman’s own KRO Records.

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