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LZZY HALE On Joining SKID ROW For Live Shows: “There Will Be Blood Left On The Stage!”

Skid Row parted ways with vocalist Erik Grönwall earlier this week and recruited Lzzy Hale of Halestorm for a handful of shows this May and June. Now Hale has issued her own statement on temporarily joining Skid Row, and of course she’s plenty excited!

“This is totally wild!” wrote Hale. “I can’t believe my VHS audition tape finally made it in the mail! ( I kid, I kid)

“I started listening Skid Row when I was a teenager growing up on the east coast in central Pennsylvania. They were one of the Only bands at that time that truly bridged the gap for my love of 80s big choruses and riffs, but had the same poignant dirt and grime that was seeping into the cracks of my mind during the 90s. By the early 00s Halestorm was well coming into its own, inspired by these powerful songs that helped me unlock a door within myself as a young musician. I can say without a second thought that if it weren’t for Skid Row in my bones, I would not be the rocker I am today.

“And This summer, my world turns full circle. Because not only am I able to share the stage as acting front person for this integral band, but even more importantly, I get to call these boys my chosen family.

“No matter how much we both tour, or how much time has gone by…we light up when we see each other. They have seen me through my rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, all while cheering me on. Time, space, history, age…are all relative, irrelevant and elastic cuz We are all just astronauts cut from the same cloth, worshipping the same magic that is this music. I’m so grateful for their support of me in my career, and as a fellow human.

“Love you guys! There will be blood left on the stage!”

Catch Skid Row with Hale (Hale Row? Skid Lzzy?) at one of the dates below. Tickets are available here.

5/17 – Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort – Carterville, IL
5/18 – Riverside Casino & Golf Resort – Riverside, IA
5/31 – Nugget Casino Resort – Sparks, NV
6/1 – Hard Rock Live Sacramento – Wheatland, CA

Skid Row issued their own statement at the time, saying: “Today Skid Row and Erik Grönwall jointly announce that Erik will step down as the vocalist for Skid Row,” said Skid Row in a statement. “Longtime friend Lzzy Hale of Halestorm will be taking over vocal duties for the upcoming scheduled four concerts.

Erik has decided that the travel and rigors of the road is not conducive to his overall health and recovery, and wants to focus on a lifestyle that is more amenable for his well-being, healing and family.

Skid Row is proud of what they have created and accomplished with Erik over the past two years and we wish nothing but the best to him and his health. To celebrate the last two years the band will be releasing a live album that perfectly captures this moment of time in the band’s 35+ year history, to be announced soon.

Grönwall added: “I got the opportunity to join this incredible band 6 months after my treatment against leukemia. And one month after that I was on a world tour with Skid f**** Row. Wow! It was a dream come true. However, it proved challenging touring the world with an impaired immune system, which is a result of my bone marrow transplant.

“I respect and understand that Skid Row is a touring band but since I can’t prioritize my health being in the band, I have decided that it’s better for me to step aside. I love Skid Row, I have nothing but respect for the guys in the band but I love and respect my health more. I’m getting stronger and healthier every day but after consulting my doctor I need to allow myself more time to recover, which I can’t do as the lead singer of Skid Row. That’s why I have reached the tough decision to move on.

“I want to thank the guys for this incredible opportunity. And I want to thank all the Skid Row fans who accepted me as the lead singer of this iconic band. Health first!”

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