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Maggie Rose Announces New Album ‘Have a Seat’

Maggie Rose leans harder into her soul and R&B influences on “Do It,” a new song from the Nashville performer’s upcoming album. Titled Have a Seat, the new project is due out August 20th and follows Rose’s 2018 full-length Change the Whole Thing.

Equal parts slinky and sunny, “Do It” is a righteous declaration of self-assurance and independence, spiked with bright hits of brass. “Why should I be a people pleaser, fall into line/That would be such a crime,” Rose sings, supported by a funky backbeat.

Have a Seat was recorded at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, with musicians including David Hood, Will McFarlane and several members of her longtime collaborators Them Vibes. The guitarist-singer Marcus King, with whom Rose has collaborated in the past year, also shows up on the song “What Makes You Tick.” Several of the songs have been written in response to social issues of the present, something alluded to by the title.

“The title Have a Seat is responsorial, placing an emphasis on inclusivity — like, ‘Here, sit down. Let’s try talking to each other,’” Rose said in a release. “One of the most loving things we can do is listen and make others feel heard — give people the space to speak their mind and be themselves. However, there’s also an intended meaning to the title that points to the power in occupying the seat that’s designated to you: I am claiming a seat I believe is rightfully mine, and I want others to do the same.”

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Have a Seat track listing:

  1. “What Are We Fighting For”
  2. “Do It”
  3. “For Your Consideration”
  4. “Saint”
  5. “Are We There Yet”
  6. “The Best in Me”
  7. “What Makes You Tick” (feat. Marcus King)
  8. “Help Myself”
  9. “Now and Then”
  10. “Telephone”
  11. “You Got Today”
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