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New BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Music Is Underway: “We’re Working On It Right Now”


Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde has confirmed the band is gearing up to record the follow-up to their 2021 record Doom Crew Inc.

In a recent interview with Scott Davidson of Chicago’s Rebel Radio 92.5 FM, Wylde, ever the workaholic, confirmed he’s squeezing in recording sessions between touring commitments.

“Actually, when I get done talking to you, I’m going to my studio Black Vatican. I’m tracking some more stuff today right now. So during the times I’m home, I’ll be doing some recording and stuff like that for the next album. I’ve gotta pick my spot for when I’m home. Then I can do some recording, and then, before you know it, we’re back out on the road again,” Wylde explained.

While it’s probably too early to think of an official release date, drummer Jeff Fabb hinted at a potential “new year” arrival for the album in a separate interview with Metal Mayhem ROC, also suggesting a tour might follow. Fabb also mentioned plans to join Wylde soon and finalize some newly written songs.

“I don’t know exactly when it’s gonna be released, but I heard sometime in the new year. So I would assume that we’re gonna tour it. So we’re working on it right now. Actually. I’m about to go to Zakk‘s house in the next few days and finish up a few more songs that he wrote. And then, yeah, that’s pretty much it. We’ve got that show in September and then I would assume that we’re gonna hit the road at some point.”

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