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P.O.D. Vocalist SONNY SANDOVAL Has A Whole Reggae Album Ready To Go


P.O.D‘s new album Veritas is out now, but that’s hardly all vocalist Sonny Sandoval has up his sleeve. Sandoval recently revealed to Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio that he also wrote and recorded a full-fledged reggae record during the pandemic lockdowns, which is just waiting in the wings.

“I had started a whole reggae album by myself when I was home because you couldn’t go anywhere,” said Sandoval. “So I just did it at home and teamed up with a lot of different producers just online. I would just see their stuff, and I’d be, like, ‘Hey, send me some tracks.’ I was able to do everything.”

While the project was initially intended for release two years ago, it was sidelined to prioritize P.O.D.’s latest album: “I had planned to release that, actually, two years ago now, but then because our label and everybody was, like, ‘We really, really need a P.O.D. record,’ all that stuff got put on the back burner.”

However, Sandoval‘s passion for reggae remains unwavering, as he expressed his intent to unveil his solo work once the dust settles from the band’s touring cycle: “I’ve always been a reggae fan. I love reggae music. I think the scene is probably bigger now than ever. There are tours all around the world now for reggae music. And so I think once we’re finished with the touring cycle for this new P.O.D. record and it starts to wind down, I’m definitely…. I mean, I am gonna release either an EP or a full record.”

Sandoval even hinted at wanting to perform the reggae material live: “And then I would just love to play shows just locally and maybe jump on tour with some reggae bands just because I just love doing it.”

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