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PAPA ROACH Working On New Material Including Their “Most Savage” Music


Papa Roach is working on their first new material since Ego Trip in 2022, and according to vocalist Jacoby Shaddix it’s gonna get brutal.

Shaddix said in an interview with KLOS that Papa Roach has been hitting the studio throughout 2024, which has so far yielded their “most savage, insane, brutally just out-there Papa Roach” material yet. Other stuff too, but definitely the bit about the hevay new material.

“2024 is just pulling the slingshot back for 2025,” said Shaddix. “We’re writing new music. We’ve gone into the studio three times now so far, and we’ve got about seven pieces of music. Four of ’em are finished up. One of the sessions we went in, and we were, like, ‘Let’s just go write the heaviest, most savage, insane, brutally just out-there Papa Roach. And we went and wrote this track. It’s so savage, and it’s fun.”

He continued: “I love this creative process that we go through and digging and finding what we can do creatively. And so this year is just about, where can we go creatively and experiment and find what direction we’re pushing this thing. And I love that process.

Shaddix later mentioned that Papa Roach will not tour in 2024, and is currently gearing up for a massive 2025. Which will include an anniversary tour for Infest, though no tour dates have been announced for that just yet.

“2025 is gonna be a big year for us. And so we’re not doing any touring during ’24. And so just gearing up for 2025. [It’ll be the] 25th anniversary of our first album ‘Infest’. We’ll be dropping a bunch of new music. And we’ve got a book as well that we’re gonna be dropping in 2025. It tells the story of the early years of Infest, from 1994 to, let’s say, 2002, it tells that story. And it’s told from many standpoints — all the band members, A&Rs, other musicians. And so really cool.

“We’ve got a lot of things in the store. And it’s fun being creative when we’re away from the road. I definitely am starting to miss the road, but I look forward to it. 2025 is gonna be a big one.”

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