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Promoter Cancels Metal Show After Mistaking Bands’ Stage Plot For Demand Of Gear


Gorgatron, Casket Robbery, and Voraath have been embarking on the Mechanical Necrosis Tour since the beginning of June, and on the morning of June 20th, they had their scheduled show in Rapid City, South Dakota abruptly canceled by the promoter, Kipple City Productions.

The cancellation stemmed from a misunderstanding where the promoter mistook the bands’ stage plot and input list as a demand for gear, and proceeded to cancel the concert while refusing to communicate with any of the bands or agents. All the while the bands have driven 8 hours to get to Rapid City. Yeah, that blows.

Following the cancellation, Kipple City Productions took to social media to publicly slander the bands, their booking agents, and the entire metal genre in an out-of-touch and extreme manner. Check out screenshots of parts of the conversation below. 

The promoter’s actions quickly ignited a firestorm of backlash from artists of all genres and fans, condemning his behavior and defending the integrity of the bands and the metal music community at large.

“Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming support and understanding for today’s headache/cancellation with a promoter that decided to not communicate a misunderstanding and completely jumped the shark. ONWARD!!!!” wrote Gorgatron on a social media post addressing the situation.

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