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SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY’s Announces A New Record With Two Very Different Singles


Post hardcore band SeeYouSpaceCowboy has announced their new record Coup De Grâce for April 19, and is now streaming two brand new singles! First up is the ballad “Respite For A Tragic Tale” featuring iRis.EXE, followed by the catchy chaos that is “Silhouettes In Motion”.

“This album was a chance for us to refine some of the melodic elements we had recently introduced to the band while also playing around with all things and bringing back reinvented version of past parts of our identity,” said SeeYouSpaceCowboy frontwoman Connie Sgarbossa. “The hope is that we made something that mixes the innate emotion of post hardcore with the cathartic essence of dancing and allure of cabaret/burlesque in a package reflecting the tale of a city on fire and it’s all to tragic individuals and their indulgence and woes.”

Coup De Grâce was recorded by Matt Squire at Mixwave Studios features guest spots from Spiritbox‘s Courtney Laplante, nothing.nowhere, and Kim Dracula. Pre-orders are available here.

Sgarbossa added on the record itself: “The record started as a visual idea, because when it came to lyrics, I didn’t know what the fuck to write at first. I’m not a drug addict junkie anymore, so I’m not going to write another album like The Romance Of Affliction—I can’t, and I don’t want to.

“So my mind wandered to things that I love, like Frank Miller‘s Sin City graphic novels, where there are all these stories interlaced within a city. That led me to think about noir and neo-noir, and then pulp comics and novels from the ’40s and ’50s, which started to make it all come together lyrically and thematically, where each different song can be a different tale of the city.”

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