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Selena Gomez Endorses Stacey Abrams for Georgia Governor: ‘Please Vote!’

Selena Gomez is using her voice to enact change in Georgia. On Monday, Gomez announced her endorsement of the Democratic candidate for governor Stacey Abrams, stressing the importance of electing a candidate who is passionate about improving mental health access.

“Hi, everyone in Georgia. My friend Stacey Abrams is in an extremely close race to become governor,” Gomez said in a video. “I’ve worked with Stacey personally, and her commitment to improving mental health access in Georgia is extremely important to me, as the state currently ranks 48th in the nation.”

“Please grab some friends and vote early,” she said, linking to Abrams’s site and adding, “Please vote!”

Sharing her message, Abrams tweeted, “Thank you @SelenaGomez, I am so grateful for your support and your friendship.”

Abrams and Gomez’s friendship dates back to 2020, when the two worked together on encouraging people to make their voices heard in the Census.

Gomez — who let Abrams borrow her Instagram to speak on voting rights in 2020 — also hosted a Latinas Make a Difference conversation with the candidate, where Abrams opened up about getting into public service and praised Gomez and her work in advocacy as well.

“Selena, you and I met earlier this year in a conversation about the Census. Since then, you’ve just been such a stalwart in helping make certain that communities that are so often left out not only get heard and seen but that they feel loved,” Abrams said about Gomez. “I can’t thank you enough for the work that you do… always holding true to who you are… You’re amazing and you’re a huge fan.”

Last year, Gomez shared her excitement on Twitter after Abrams was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in voting rights activism. “Well deserved!” she tweeted at the time.

Gomez’s endorsement comes just a day after Abrams and incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp faced off in a second and final debate Sunday night, just a week before Election Day. Kemp leads in most polls.

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