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Serena Isioma Battles a ‘Broken World’ in ‘Crying in the Club’ Video

Serena Isioma’s single “Sensitive,” released last year, sounded like a gleeful revenge plot. Isioma taunted guys who were “always tryna take my shit.” “How you gon’ feel when I go take your bitch?” they warned. The song became popular on TikTok — users enjoyed flipping off the camera as Isioma sings the word “fuck” — and went on to earn more than 50 million streams on Spotify alone.

Compared to “Sensitive,” Isioma’s latest single “Crying in the Club” is at once more distressed — “the way I’m living life isn’t healthy,” they sing — and more euphoric: The music is crisp and pounding, part new-wave, part thumping house. In concise, rapid-fire verses, Isioma sings about trying to get over an ex as well as their own insecurity. The hook includes a simple request: “Please help me!” Due to the giddy rush of the music, it’s easy to imagine this song knitting together a temporary community on the dance floor, a crowd of lonely people yelling “I don’t want to die by myself!” all together.

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The video for “Crying in the Club,” directed by Jared Avalos, mostly presents Isioma in isolation in a series of small rooms, magnifying the feeling from their verses — life is getting overwhelming, the walls are closing in. But during every chorus, the camera spins and Isioma is galvanized into movement.

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