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THE TROOPS OF DOOM (Ex-SEPULTURA) Streams “Chapels Of The Unholy”, Announces New Album


The Troops Of Doom – the band featuring former Sepultura guitarist Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz – is now streaming their rampaging new single “Chapels Of The Unholy”. The single comes from The Troops Of Doom‘s sophomore record A Mass To The Grotesque due out May 31 via Alma Mater Records. Now go listen to all those crushing Guedz riffs and headbang the morning away.

“We’ve chosen the track ‘Chapels Of The Unholy’ as our first single, as we believe it perfectly encapsulates the essence of the album and the direction we are taking with this new release,” said Guedz of the single.

“It’s an intense and fierce song that brings to the surface the roots of our death metal. Besides that, the lyrics talks about the decay of faith and the darkness within the human mind, which are themes intertwined with the concept of this new album. ‘Chapels Of The Unholy’ not only represents what fans can expect from the album as a whole but also serves as a great introduction to the grotesque world we have created.”

A Mass To The Grotesque is available here on Bandcamp, here in Brazil, and here for the rest of the world. You can also catch The Troops Of Doom at one of their many tour dates below.

4/28 São Paulo, Summer Breeze
8/2 Cottbus, Muggefug
8/3 Nuremberg, Straßenfest
8/4 Berlin, Maschine Haus
8/5 Bamberg, Live Club
8/6 Halle, Reil 74
8/7 The Hague, Musicon
8/9 Doetinchen, Engelenbak
8/10 Wermelskirchen, AJZ
8/11 Hamburg, Indra
8/12 Charleroi, MCP Apache
8/14 Kassel, Goldgrube
8/15 Sosnowiez, M. Doctrine
8/23 Almeria, The Time Club
8/24 Madrid, Revi Live
8/25 Milagres, Milagro Metal

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