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The Weeknd Drops Nightmarish ‘How Do I Make You Love Me’ Animated Video, New Remix

The new video for the Weeknd’s song “How Do I Make You Love Me” includes the perfect ingredients for a nightmare: a giant moth, falling limbs, sewage exploration, and suicidal building jumps. The singer released the Dawn FM favorite’s animated visual Friday, along with a remix by Sebastian Ingrosso and Salvatore Ganacci.

The creepy video — written by the Weeknd, Cliqua, and Jocelyn Charles, and directed by Jocelyn Charles — follows a character (seemingly the Weeknd) in a hospital room, running from hospital staff as they pull one of his arms off to reveal a smaller arm underneath after he realized they replaced his face with a shiny mask. (It’s weird.) He then jumps through a building window, hitting the ground and being run over by a nearby driver as butterflies and insects fly out of his eyes.

“How do I make you love me?/How do I make you fall for me?” the Weeknd sings in the chorus. “How do I make you want me/And make it last eternally?”

A large moth (a la Mothra) then begins to flap its wings, sending pedestrians into flight, before the Weeknd character causes a blowed-up balloon version of himself to fill the city. After walking through the sewage system and facing a demon-like creature, he’s seen losing his limbs and attempting to break into a woman’s house, before his head literally falls off, his body dismembers and a child version of the artist is revealed. (Perhaps as a child is how he makes the mysterious “you” love him.)

The video release comes a week after he kicked off his After Hours til Dawn stadium tour in Philadelphia. He’s set to make a stop at Chicago’s Soldier Field this weekend, before continuing his route through the U.S. and Canada, before ending his tour in his native Tornto. Snoh Aalegra, Kaytranada, and Mike Dean are accompanying him as tour openers.

“If the evening showed us anything, it’s the Weeknd’s ability to excel across genres and evolve his sound without losing a step,” IndieLand wrote in our review of the show. “He relishes in flipping the script, and does so to great success.”

Earlier this week, he released the trailer for his HBO show, The Idol, and was invited by the Russo Brothers to be part of a musical. “I thought what he did during his Super Bowl show was awesome,” the bros told IndieLand on Twitch. “I’d love to see that as a movie.”

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