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TRENT REZNOR Reflects On The Downward Spiral Turning 30 Years Old


Nine Inch Nails‘ 1994 masterpiece The Downward Spiral is 30 years old today and band mastermind Trent Reznor has some brief thoughts on its anniversary. In a rare Instagram post, Reznor said he spent a little time listening back to the record today, noting that it “still excites me and breaks my heart.” Reznor also notes that he hopes to see everyone soon, so here’s hoping Nine Inch Nails is coming back around!

“Spending too much time looking backwards feels dangerous to me, but this day on the calendar caught my attention,” said Reznor. “Has it really been that long, old friend? I just spent an hour listening to this time capsule of what 28 year old me had to say, and it still excites me and breaks my heart. Be kind to yourselves. Hope to see you soon.”

It’s gotta be nothing short of insane to have released an iconic, even genre-defining album at 28 years old and then have it constantly hanging over your head for the rest of your life. I’m sure the success is fantastic, but having released The Downward Spiral (and having it be so incredibly personal) must be difficult in terms of expectations and always having to talk about it for the rest of your career. Regardless, it really is one of the best albums of that decade, and here’s to many more Reznor ventures in the future!

If you never saw it, we have a pretty great video on a buncha stuff you might not know about the album! Check that out here.

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