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Tyga Thinks Latinos Are Just Lowrider-Driving, ‘Spicy’ Gordos in New Video

Ever since YG’s “Go Loko” went viral in 2019, Tyga has been trying to recreate that lil crossover moment again and again and again with Latin-inspired songs like “Ayy Macarena” and “Mamacita.” And his latest effort, “Ay Caramba,” has (once again) failed, drawing criticism from Latino creatives over the song’s accompanying music video, which is filled with reductive stereotypes and racist tropes the general public let go of years ago. En pocas palabras: what the fuck is Tyga thinking?

The video starts with the rapper — in a fat suit, naming himself “Gordo” or “fatty” — eating a bag of tortilla chips and guacamole while watching a Mira Quien Baila-esque dance competition show hosted by the rapper wearing a cartoonish mustache. (He’s going for “Mexican Telemundo host,” we assume.) He then plays a dancer named Spicy Rico as he makes an attempt at a Chicano accent, saying, “Oye, yeah you. All I wanted was to dance.”

The fat suit character then cruises in a blue lowrider before he cat-calls Latinas and dances in front of his car as tortilla chips fly. (“This is disgusting.” said TikToker Gordita Corajuda in a video.)

“Man, these n—s got me fucked up,” says Tyga in the video, bringing back the fake accent. He also gets Latinos confused with their colonizers as he poses in front of a mariachi band while wearing a matador outfit and raps, “No way, José, OK/My bae lookin’ like Rosalía.” (She’s literally European, but go off.)

Latino creators on the Brown Bag Podcast called out the rapper in a recent video, with one of the hosts, Letty Peniche, saying, “If you’re gonna go Mexican, have a Mexican homie tell you this is Mexican, this is not Mexican, you’re jumbling it all together… Is he doing this because he thinks we like it?”

Hate to break it to you, Tyga, but we don’t like it. And the lyrics are pretty trash, too. Aside from comparing Latinas to Tabasco hot sauce — the brand founded in Louisiana by a white man — Latinos don’t even use the phrase “Ay caramba.” Next time, Tyga should try “ay cabrón,” “chingada madre,” or perhaps “para de usar nuestra cultura en tus pinches videos.”

Take it from an OG: YouTuber American Cholo called Tyga out for reducing Mexican people to being “fat and greasy.”

“Imagine for a second, a white guy doing this to an African-American, or doing this song,” he said in a video. “They would be in the streets screaming. Fuck that, fuck Tyga.”

Tyga is no stranger to featuring Latin-inspired sounds in his tracks. He did so in the past with “Ayy Macarena,” which sampled the iconic Nineties song and featured a verse from Ozuna. He also got Santana to hop on “Mamacita” alongside YG — all after the success of “Go Loko.”  He’s also featured on Latino artist tracks like J Balvin’s “Loco Contigo” and Reykon’s “Latina” with Maluma and Becky G.

But the difference this time is that when YG released “Go Loko” with Jon Z, the video didn’t poke fun at Latinos. Instead, the visual paid homage to Los Angeles’ Mexican and cholo culture, highlighting backyard kickbacks, lowriders, piñatas, and Chicano street style.  YG even threw on a red mariachi suit in a way that was tasteful.

Tyga is simply just another example of a creative willing to bite off a different culture when it seems profitable for them. It’s not even “cultural appropriation” at this point. What he’s doing is reducing Latinos to stereotypes the general public stopped being OK with years ago. As rapper CNG put it, “Y’all wanna fuck with our culture, right? Well, where the love at.”

It’s time Tyga tried something new with his music. The Mariachi moment may have worked with “Go Loko,” but it seems like he’s the one going loco trying to make that viral moment happen again. It’s simply not working. Búscale por otro lado, Tyga.

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