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Unsurprising: People Like To Have Sex While Listening To DEFTONES


Deftones – arguably one of the horniest bands to have ever graced metal – is very popular when it comes to sex playlists.

According to a new by ZipHealth, Deftones ranked third in the top 10 artists across all sex playlists. Deftones came (no pun intended) behind The Weeknd and Kanye West, and beat out artists like Drake and Lana Del Rey.

The study also dives a little deeper into the metal world, noting that Deftones, Slipknot, and System Of A Down are the top three metal artists people like fuckin’ to. So y’know, maybe nü-metal wasn’t so bad after all.

Some other interesting tidbits from the report include:

  • “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails is the No. 1 song when it comes to BDSM
  • 72% of metal fans have a fetish
  • 82% of metal fans reported having a one-night stand
  • 21% of metal fans participated in an orgy
  • 54% participated in a threesome
  • 100% of metal fans who are great in bed read Metal Injection (unconfirmed)

The report surveyed roughly 1,000 people and looked at over 150 sex playlists. So it’s not a comprehensive study, but it’s still pretty interesting. Read the full thing here.

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