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Watch Horsegirl’s Album Release Concert at Chicago’s Thalia Hall

Horsegirl has released a short documentary video depicting their recent album release show at Chicago’s Thalia Hall. The video, titled Do You Want Horsegirl or Do You Want the Truth?, commemorates their performance, as well as those of fellow Chicago bands Lifeguard, Friko, and Post Office Winter, from June.

The 30-minute doc was helmed by director of photography Rudy Rubio and filmed entirely in black and white. It sees the group showcasing songs from their debut album, Versions of Modern Performance, which arrived earlier this summer via Matador.

Horsegirl is known for their collaborations in the Chicago indie rock scene. Their music video for “Dirtbag Transformation,” released in May, sees the musicians joining several other local bands, including those from the Thalia Hall show, as they take over guitarist Penelope Lowenstein’s old elementary school.

“For a while we felt a bit isolated in Chicago, being underclassmen who preferred to make noisier music, which there wasn’t a lot of locally at the time,” the band explained to IndieLand. “As we kept playing, we met more kids who understood what we were going for and the places we were pulling from. Meeting kids with similar ethos’ allowed us to develop a communal understanding of what is cool. Go to your friends’ shows, dance there, make your own album art, make a zine, don’t tune for too long on stage.”

Horsegirl has a few more tour dates scheduled through the fall, including stops at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom and Pittsburgh’s Spirit Hall.

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