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Watch Kali Uchis’ Mystical Performance of ‘Telepatia’ on ‘Fallon’

Kali Uchis performed her song “Telepatía” under the glowing light of a full moon on The Tonight Show, appearing solo on the late night show’s stage. The phases of the moon reflected onto the stage floor as Uchis draped herself over a temple-like structure to croon the song.

The sultry track appears on Uchis’ first Spanish-language album, 2020’s Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ∞. The singer released a self-directed music video for the track in March.

“The song happened so naturally & I wanted the video to reflect that, kids & animals in the street, all improvisation, nothing overproduced or contrived, just the beautiful natural magic of the country I have had the honor of also calling home my entire life,” Uchis wrote of the video on Instagram.

Uchis’ recent album follows her 2018 debut, Isolation, and quarantine-compiled demo collection, To Feel Alive. Last year the singer released a music video for “La Luz,” and said in a statement that she hopes to “continue expressing myself freely forever through all styles, genres and mediums.” “I hope my art inspires others to be free and express themselves too,” she noted. “Peace and love to all of Planet Earth.”

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