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Watch Too Short Celebrate West Coast Rap in ‘Tiny Desk (Home) Concert’

Too $hort performed for NPR’s “Tiny Desk (Home) Concert” series, showcasing seven tracks from his catalogue. The performance, part of Tiny Desk’s Black History Month celebration, opened with the Oakland rapper’s 1990 single, “The Ghetto.” Watch the set here.

“How many artists you know that got relevant records in five decades?” Too $hort asked during the concert, filmed at his own downtown LA BoomBox Studios. The performance featured a four-piece band and a back-up vocalist, with the rapper giving an intimate feel to each song.

The concert included renditions of “Life Is …Too $hort,” new single “Big Sexy Thang,” and “Big Subwoofer,” a recent collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube.

Last year, Too $hort, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and E-40 formed West Coast rap supergroup Mount Westmore. The group released “Big Subwoofer” as part of compilation album Snoop Dogg Presents the Algorithm in the fall. The four rappers have reportedly recorded 50 songs together — with Dr. Dre also involved in some capacity.

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Too Short explained the origin of the supergroup in an interview: “So I get a call during the early part of the quarantine from E-40 and Ice Cube going, ‘Man, we feel like we should do an album… And I’m like… E-40 and Too $hort are from the Bay, Snoop Dogg and Cube are from L.A. and we are like the West Coast foundation.’ We sat there and was like, ‘Fuck it, let’s do it.’ So, we start coming up with beats.”

Too $hort’s next single, “Big Sexy Thang,” which features Lil Duval, is set to drop Friday.

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