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White Lung Will Call It Quits After Final Album ‘Premonition’ Arrives in December

Softening the blow of the announcement that their forthcoming album Premonition, out Dec. 2, will be their last as a band, White Lung has shared music videos for the project’s two lead singles, “Date Night” and “Tomorrow.” Both records explore themes of tough endings and new beginnings, particularly inspired by frontwoman Mish Barber-Way embarking on a new chapter in life as a mother of two.

“I felt like that part of my life was expiring, so I was projecting those angry and scared feelings out onto the city of L.A. because it’s safe and comfortable to live in your anger instead of being self-reflective,” Barber-Way shared of “Date Night” in an interview with author Melissa Broder.

In the Justin Gradin-directed video, the singer takes the wheel as her intoxication leads her on a road trip that ends in a giant projection of who she was going up in flames. “Maybe I was just saying goodbye to my old life,” she wondered. “But it felt very fun and freeing.

“Tomorrow” is the more tender offering, written when Barber-Way first found out she was pregnant in 2018. “There was a very serious understanding that life would be different forever and I was relieved to welcome that change,” she explained.

Along with guitarist Kenneth William and drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou, Barber-Way tapped back in with long-time producer Jesse Gander for their first release in six years, which was supposed to arrive much sooner.

The punk band had originally slated Premonition to arrive in June 2019 but eventually decided to push it back a few months so it wouldn’t conflict with Barber-Way’s due date. Then, in 2020, their plans were derailed once again – both by the pandemic and the singer’s second pregnancy.

“It was the first time I had to write sober. It was sad that I had never sung a single vocal track without alcohol,” Barber-Way told Broder. “I was also going through pregnancy hormones and major body changes. I felt like all my creativity was being sucked into the fetus. I couldn’t write. The words weren’t coming to me like they used to. It was like this baby inside me was taking up everything I had. I was consumed. I became fixated on that feeling, so the album is about the transition to motherhood, pregnancy, and the massive life change that I embarked on during the lull between our last album.”

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