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Indie-electronic duo, HUMANS hailing from The West Coast of Canada, chatted briefly with us whilst on tour in support of their new album Noontide. The duo have been creating waves of sound since 2010, merging their tight production and technical work with hints of infectious pop melodies and clever electronic elements. Here’s a bit about them:

How did you two meet? What prompted you guys to start making music together?

We met in 2009 or 2008 at an art show I had. Robbie & I chatted and we noticed that I was drawing these characters that oddly enough look a lot like him…

We then talked about music and I went over Robbie’s jam space about three months later.

The music video for “Tell Me” starring those puppets is amazing. Can you tell us a bit about the puppets the video features- were they made specifically for this purpose? 

Tell Me is a sequel to our first video “Bike Home” we did 5 years ago. We wanted full body puppets this time around so we got new ones made. I designed them but know nothing about how to build them, we got them commissioned.

So far there have been some pretty stellar remixes that have come out of Noontide. Most notably A Tribe Called Red’s remix of “WATUSI” – How did this come about [and how much did that excite you!]?

We Met A Tribe Called Red in London, England about three years ago. We were on the same bill at a club down there and we became friends. I remember their manager wanting to leave for the hotel but we all kept hanging out.

We later played a bunch of the same festivals like Tall Tree, Bass Coast and Osheaga.

Asking them to do a remix was just as simple as “hey, wanna do a remix?!”

At Indie is Not a Genre we like to include a quick bit of questions that may help your fans get to know something new about you, so here goes:


First concert you ever attended? Peter: 311 at Metropolis in Montreal when I was 16.

Greatest venue in Canada: Someone’s dirty basement and HIFI club in Calgary.

On-the-road essential item(s): Wallet, passport and laptop

Song you are most hyped to play on tour: Ennio

HUMANS create the kind of sounds, that will have your body moving in all sorts of weird ways. So…

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