Introducing Vandelux

Vandelux is the alter-ego of Canadian producer Evan White. Despite amassing a veritable arsenal of gear over the years and learning to play various instruments, not least piano, drums, guitar and bass, White never performed live in that period putting it down to lack of confidence.

As often happens next came university and with the excitement, novelty and sheer busyness music pretty much took a backseat. After landing, what sounds like a pretty cushy job, in finance in Luxembourg of all places White began to get that itch again. In his own words:

I came to the sobering realization that I had dedicated half of my life to music and had nothing to show for it.

Thank fuck for that realization because that’s what brought Vanderlux‘s music our way. Taking on a diverse range of genres White successfully gives his own twist to the tracks he works on and in the case of “Stimulus“, the track that introduced us to his sound, he blends a timeless blues riff with an almighty beat that expands and expands.

Excited to hear what this dude does next.