Jorel corpus releases gorgeous pop symphony “All Of It”

All of it‘, conceived from the mind of Filipino Producer, musician and all-around creative genius Jorel Corpus. The debut single is soulful, punchy, inventive and wonderfully catchy. Tight, emotive vocal melodies mix with restrained beats and those addictive staccato keyboards and palm-muted guitars; A pop symphony that sounds like it was created by an eight-man band rather than the single artist that imagined big and delivered beautifully.

Based in Los Angeles, Corpus‘ as a producer has been involved in several big projects including work with Tyrese and BJ The Chicago Kid, and of course the soundtrack for The Snowy Day with Boyz II Men. With these big collaborations have come big ideas for his solo writing.

All of It‘ is a joyful number, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Corpus has the same joy for life; “Sunshine is never far, When she smiles in a room, Help me, I’m freezing up. Listening to people trying to tell me off.”

Corpus‘ certainly has a knack for a hook- This chorus exuberantly and effortlessly delivered as if it were a standard. The lyrics add to this curious mix of modern pop, dance, and electronica with that fervent and emotive baritone voice that keeps this song summery and lusting for life.