Loud Forest’s “Set You Free” is a song to be cherished

If a song can grab you with a simple brooding acoustic guitar and tambourine then you are onto a winner. A folk tale set seemingly on a cliff edge in a storm, “Set You Free” by Loud Forest caresses the edge of a precipice with it’s howls of the chorus refrain to a stunning accordion drone and the pinning of freedom.

Simplicity is the key here from Los Angeles based Loud Forest made up of Rachel and Bernard Chadwick. Whilst building walls of sound and dissonant harmonies with sublime instrumentation, Loud Forest know a strong song and have never strayed from the fact they have on their hands an original and absolutely solid set of melodies. The major to minor changes are perfect, and keep the heat against the cold noises of heartache and confusion.

“Henry, show me your eyes look into the light, Look into the mighty fire, Just one time, only to see it will set you free.”

Like the immersing beginnings to classic novels, “Set You Free” immediately draws us in with it’s ethereal yet concise writing. There is something spiritual in here that grabbed me, something otherworldly, yet natural and earthy.

Songs like this don’t come around very often, but when they do, they need to be cherished.

Loud Forest‘s self-titled debut LP, is out now.