Marbling – Wisdom Teeth

Marbling is the project of Brooklyn songwriter Basia Kurlender, who makes indie pop at the crossroads between infectiously melodic twee and Bandcamp-era bedroom pop. Next week sees the release of a new Marbling album, Wisdom Teeth, which is getting a cassette release via our pals at It Takes Time Records.

The label say the album aims to explore “current issues like entitlement, the line between surreal and realism, and how to survive softly,” meaning that far from being throw-away observations, Kurlender’s easy pop jams and simply poetic diary-like lyrics have surprising depth.

The first single is the title track, a barely 60 second song that introduces the Marbling aesthetic perfectly. Subtle guitar and shuffling drums combine with Kurlender’s gentle vocals to make a short but very sweet pop song.

i had a dream about my wisdom teeth
and what you mean to me
you never came to my front door
i was just asleep…

Today we have the pleasure of unveiling a video for the song. Drawing inspiration from the breezy yet reflective tone of the track, the footage finds Kurlender out playing with friends yet pulled away by thoughts too, though the closing shots put peace to that. We think it was Chekhov who once said that if you introduce a cake onto a basketball court in the opening scene then the ball must bounce on said cake by the close of the video. Luckily, Marbling do not disappoint.

Wisdom Teeth is out via It Takes Time Records on the 19th July and you can pre-order it now.

marbling wisdom teeth tape cover artmarbling wisdom teeth tape back art