Offset’s Alleged Mistress Sends an Apology to Cardi B Through TMZ

Offset’s love triangle has always been a public discussion. The rapper doesn’t take any fine woman for granted, even if it means losing his wife and daughter. While Cardi B has expressed countless of times how insecure her husband makes her feel around other women, it seems like he’s never taken the hint. Well, after all these failed attempts, Cardi and Offset are officially over.

After hearing the devastating news, Offset’s alleged mistress ‘Summer Bunni’ expressed her thoughts in a video now posted by TMZ. In the video, you can see Summer crying and saying how ashamed she feels for breaking a marriage, but stating that she never knew how serious Offset and Cardi were… Seriously now!

Since Cardi would never give her the opportunity of speaking with her, Summer Bunni is hoping that this video would deliver her apology for her.

Who’s next?