REPORT: Two Women Dead Following Tomorrowland 2018

It’s only been a little more than a week since this year’s Tomorrowland ended, and we’re sure some people are still recovering from the madness. Unfortunately, according to various sources, two women attending the festival died as a result of health complications during the festivities.

According to the sources, there was one woman each weekend who was taken to Antwerp University Hospital where both eventually reportedly passed away. Both women were visiting Tomorrowland from other countries.

Antwerp University Hospital, as contacted by Belgian news source VRT, has declined to comment on the matter citing confidentiality. At the same time, Debby Wilmsen, a spokesperson for Tomorrowland, said that the festival was unaware of any deaths that had occurred.

“Up until now we have not been informed by the families or the authorities of the deaths of people said to have attended our festiva,” Wilmsen told VRT. “If this is the case then our thoughts are with their relatives and we hope that they can be left to deal with their loss serenely.”

Reports of the deaths are still unconfirmed by authorities.