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ShiShi – Mahamudra

With so many artists that just follow the current trends, it’s definitely refreshing to see a producer forge their own path with their own unique sounds. And that’s exactly what New York-based producer ShiShi has been doing since he started releasing music just a few years ago. Just earlier this year he released ‘Dominion’, a unique blend of Jamaican and Indian sounds. And now he’s dropping his second track of the year, his Tibetan inspired piece entitled ‘Mahamudra‘.

“Mahamudra is a form of Tibetan meditation that I have been practicing for the past six months – the basic idea is to watch your thoughts, emotions and sensations, and then to watch the watcher of those things, and to basically keep stepping back until you kind of  dissolve who you think you are and arrive into this mental space of really deep peace and clarity.”

And that idea really translates well into ShiShi’s new piece. ‘Mahamudra’ is a supremely vibey piece that’s enjoyable to listen to from first chord to the last. Give the track a listen and be sure to grab your own copy for free in the link below.

ShiShi – Mahamudra | Free Download