Sköllo moombahton remix of The xx’s ‘Angels’

Here’s a rather energetic moombahton remix of ‘Angels‘ ( first single on The xx‘s new album ‘Coexist‘) by 23 year-old producer Drew Stanley aka Sköllo from Philadelphia.

I particularly like the idea that he chose and managed to remix a song by, let’s be honest, one of the most lethargic bands at the moment and turn it into something that you could listen to in a club. Moombahton is about to be the new cool trend so I thought it was worth sharing it.

Furthermore, the very awaited new xx album has just come out and it is most likely that everyone will jump on the occasion to remix every single bit of the album.

Before the massacre begins, I think it’s quite worth listening to this catchy, original and daring version of ‘Angels‘.


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Coexist - The xx