Something To Write Home About

When I was at university, and in between houses, I temporarily shared a room with one of my best friends. For 3 months straight he played The Get Up KidsSomething To Write Home About first thing when he woke up and last thing before he went to bed. Had it been any other album i would have long since strangled him but their infectious synth heavy indie rock was (and is) exactly the kind of music you could hear millions of times without ever getting bored. In my mind each track was a gem in its own way.

I saw TGUK live twice in rapid succession and was always impressed by how the songs always took on a new life in a gig situation. It is rumoured that there is an imminent reunion planned in 2009 and of course I would be the first to rejoice at this news but until I don’t see it with my own eyes…

Fortunately we will always have their great releases to remind of of their genius. Something To Write Home About still remains one of my favourite albums and it should be one of yours!