Static Animal – See You Around

We wrote about Static Animal, the project of Melbourne’s Michael Gibbon, back in 2016, when we covered their EP Morning Sounds. We liked the release a lot, describing is as “shrouded in an early morning hush,” the sort of music that “recalls the quiet moments where the world slows down around you and allows some self-reflection.”

Now Gibbon is back with a new Static Animal single, ‘See You Around’. It’s a chilled out pop song that confronts a difficult situation with a gentle effortlessness. Gibbon’s soft vocals are wrapped in Dan Oke’s sparkling guitar and backed with mellotron and subtle percussion, lending a dreamy lilt that gently rocks you away into a world of hazy memories.

The lyrics deal with similar themes, loss as viewed through the fuzzy prism of time passed. “I see you around every now and then,” Gibbon sings, the point of pain located somewhere in the distance. “It’s like you were never really there, you wanted to say goodbye, couldn’t tell the world.”

You can get ‘See You Around’ from the Static Animal Bandcamp page.