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CALYN Revels In A Dream That Will Never Come True In Her Latest Single “Tricky”

CALYN is heartbroken over an implausible love interest in her new single “Tricky.” The Alternative R&B artist gives details on the creative process of the song; “I was in a situation where I kinda fell for somebody who was busy with hella other girls. It’s basically about wanting something with somebody who doesn’t want just one relationship with just one girl. I feel like almost every girl I know has been in a similar situation where you know you shouldn’t want this person but you can’t keep your mind off them, that’s really what I wanted to capture with this song.”

With “Tricky,” CALYN is able to spread her contagious energy, at the same time revealing her gift of blending various genre elements together. The young talent showcases unparalleled technical-mastery and lyrical skills: “All of these emotions gonna take me out/ But I’ll take somethin over nothin/ Just to see that smile/ Going crazy/ Someone save me/ Thinkin of you lately/ So somebody save me/ And I’m thinking lately/ Can somebody save me/ I could be your baby/ Maybe you could save me.”

“Tricky” follows the release of hit songs like “Born Tired,” “Kinda Love,” and “Falling,” which has gained CALYN thousands of streams across multiple platforms.

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