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Ep!K Shares Deepest Feelings In ‘The Onset Of Agnosthesia’

Up-and-coming artist and brilliant sound engineer Ep!K recently dropped The Onset Of Agnosthesia, a full-length album that follows up on his previous project. The ten-track collection feels deeply intimate and personal, as the singer grapples with thoughts and feelings of being betrayed. In the artist’s words: “‘The Onset Of Agnothesia’ is the experience of being taken advantage of by the one you love and trying to figure what that means to who you are as a person. The title and the tracklist starts with ‘The Onset’ because the event just happened, and the protagonist is now questioning why while also going through the aftermath.”

Some of the most incredible tracks on the album that have already captivated thousands are “Dancing By Myself”, “The Onset”, “Exodus”, and so on. There is such profound emotional expression in each of Ep!K’s pieces that the listener feels entirely immersed in this mirage world created by the singer. Leveraging his beautiful vocals, Ep!K fuses diverse melodies and genre elements as he commands full attention.

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