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Hard Rock Band Pistols At Dawn Release Iconic Self-Titled Album

Pistols At Dawn release their latest singles and lyric videos titled “Cold,” “All You Offer,” and “Gauntlet” three contemporary hard-rock pieces off their latest self-titled album, each crafted with a special feel, and delivering some of the most powerful messages depicting society, the lack of awareness we show in our lives, and the miserable conditions we have accepted, sometimes even created for ourselves. 

The band was formed in Atlanta, GA, by its founder Adam Jaffe (guitarist), with Devin White (guitarist), Mike Buffa, and Billy Sullivan in 2015. Virtuoso guitarist Mike Buffa tragically passed away in 2018, and the band reunited a year later to continue fulfilling their mission as artists on earth, as a hard-rock band capable of creating timeless and iconic songs. 

Sonically incredibly well built, played, sung, and produced, “All You Offer,” “Cold,” and “Gauntlet” are enlightening listening experiences, as you discover their raw, sincere, and meticulously accurate vision of reality, one sometimes hard to face, layered atop brilliantly composed progressions that build momentum and brings doses of contrast with perfect equilibrium on each track. They have been compared to a combination of Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Tool, AC/DC, Metallica, Disturbed and other universal hard rock acts, while retaining their own unique signature vintage sound.

Pistols At Dawn are proving their immense musicianship in a new light with the release of this album, without forgetting to mention that on the three singles, the lyrics and vocals are by Rockstar Supernova Finalist, and with the band’s long time friend and elite rock frontman, Chris Pearson.  

Few bands epitomize the intensity, energy and vintage creativity right out of the gate like Pistols At Dawn, and after listening to this record, we are greatly impatient to watch their next move. 

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