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Stellar New Artist You Must Listen To Today – MAR

Young musical prodigy MAR is rising above the ranks with a beautiful hit “QUÉDATE”. With a lifetime of being submerged in the music industry and exposure to rehearsals, concerts, tours, recordings and so on, MAR has practically grown up with music in her blood. A former model and a world-class performer, she now drops her first official single that is nothing short of a triumphant start for her solo career. 

“QUÉDATE” skyrocketed in plays upon release and is now counting almost 4.5 million views, and for a good reason: MAR’s performance is absolutely stunning while the music video is as masterful as it gets. The piece depicts the moment of falling for someone you just met, but whom you recognize to be special. In the artist’s own words: “This song reflects something that we live many times, where the people and experiences that move us the most happen at unexpected moments, where a connection drives us to do or say things to capture that moment, like the sun and the moon that in a moment are and later no longer.”

Listen to the song below and you’ll fall in love with the Latin pop soundscapes and MAR’s charismatic presence!

MAR can be found on Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify 

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