TV People – Healthier Days

Working out of Dublin, TV People consists of dual vocalists Paul Donohoe (lead guitar) and Len Rochford (rhythm guitar), drummer Brendan Clarke and bassist Rob Kavanagh. Combining moody garage rock with the irreverent style of Let’s Wrestle, the band are making a name for themselves in Ireland with a succession of singles.

First there was the sinuous, slow moving ‘Half your Life’, a track that broke its own languid vibes with occasional eddies of energy. This blend of atmosphere and attitude served as a good introduction to the band, and follow-up single ‘Sometimes a Sight’ consolidated the style. Again the song simmered with the threat of spilling over but never quite realised it, the squally moments navigated into calmer waters before anything got out of hand. It is this tension in the rhythm of the songs that makes the TV People sound so interesting, as though beneath the easy-going style lies a dark underbelly that could reveal itself at any moment.

Today we’re pleased to share a brand new single, ‘Healthier Days’. Inspired by a creeping dissatisfaction with life as a young person, the track finds itself looking back at the innocent excitement of youth amid the indulgent individualism of twenty-something living. Therefore, rather than being nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake, ‘Healthier Days’ looks to the past for a path to a more meaningful future, as though within the honesty and purity of childhood lies a blueprint for something better, offering a true source of optimism moving forwards.

‘Healthier Days’ is out today. You can find TV People on Spotify and Bandcamp.

TV People Album Art