Vian Izak pen bluesy gem “Revolver”

Africa has seen it’s share of conflict and violence, and inevitably voices will rise up demanding peace and change. “Revolver” is a single that does just that.

Voted number 1 artist north of the Arctic Circle, Vian Izak are brothers; a creative duo combining their own original artwork with regularly released music. Technically they are a trio since they count their DJ equipment as a third band member (named “i”).

Even putting the singles message aside, the song itself is a true gem, walking the lines of Chet Faker and Cody Chestnutt. It has a relaxed bluesy swing and a welcomed juxtaposition of traditional African singing and sounds, reflecting the song’s narrative.

The chorus has been playing in my head ever since I heard it, and there is no shortage of variety in the 5 official remixes.

Revolver” is out now!