Weekend Videos: Joshua Moriarty – “R.T.F.L.”

Joshua Moriarty may be better known for his work with Miami Horror but he is adamant that his solo release won’t be seen as just a side project. On the basis of his debut single, he has nothing to worry about because we certainly sat up and took notice.

Forgoing some of MH’s glorious chic dancefloor-ready vibe “R.T.F.L.” (which stands for “Ready To Find Love“) is a laidback and carnal affair somewhat in the vein of acts like Rhye and Chet Faker. Moriarty effortlessly croons over his subtle electro backing as the track glides from one melody to the next gradually growing in incisiveness.

RT.F.L.” is taken from his the New Zealander‘s recently released album “War Is Over“.