Weekend Videos: MEN – Off Our Backs

A few weeks ago I caught the JD Samson, of Le Tigre fame, fronted MEN live for Ladyfest. My friend was practically the only straight girl in the venue, I was practically the only man, we both loved it. The trio’s electro pop champion gay rights, critique economic policy and the general oppression of individualism without ever losing their catchy upbeat streak.

Whilst Michael O’Neill and Ginger Brooks Takahashi lay down riffs that make the band’s live show enthralling the aforementioned JD Samson is a real live wire and true talent throwing moves and interacting with the crowd at every occasion. Best still, a true sense of camaraderie is felt between the three on stage.

With their debut full length ‘Talk About Body‘ due early next year and European and US tours already scheduled from February through April planned for the new year MEN could well become your party band with a political Conscience for 2011.

Here are the photos from that show on the Cougar Microbes flickr account.