Weekend Videos: Shunya – Kronotrigger LIVE @ The Wood Rooms

Shunya is the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist and producer Alan Keary. The Irish artist specialises in mashing classic, elecronic and world and jazz elements into an all together original composition and the results are often enthralling. Now based in Manchester, Shunya first came to our attention with the track “Wonder N Wane” which shines particularly due to it’s percussive patterns and haunting melodies.

Today we want to shine the spotlight on the mesmerising live rendition of the yet unreleased “Kronotrigger“. The technical proficinecy of everyone involved truly shines but ulimately it’s the fantastic songwriting and how everything seamlessly blends that truly makes this rendition shine.

The “Mountain Grazer” and “Mountain Grazer pt II” EP’s are out now