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Aicha Dosso’s Impressive Debut ‘Bien’ Leaves Us In Love With The French Language

Last week, Aicha Dosso debuted with her romantic single ‘Bien,’ a French ballad. On the track, Aicha is taking a tiny scalpel to her melodies and delivers an exotic rhythm of indie. Lyrically, she keeps her lines pointy and balanced, as Aicha’s almost-whispery vocals carry you away. Aicha’s vocal performance is astonishing, full of vigor and beauty. When it comes to music, ‘Bien’ is a stylistic experiment in layering sounds and acoustic instruments. Great debut, leaving us hungry for more music from Aicha Dosso! 

About Aicha Dosso (source: Press Release) 

The singer-songwriter, actress, and writer was born in Ivory Coast and grew up in Paris, where she studied English at La Sorbonne. 

Later on, she moved to New York to study method acting at the acclaimed Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She considers reviving the forgotten art of Parsian-style musical cabaret her true calling. 

The talented artist is inspired by her cosmopolitan heritage, which you experience in her music that ranges from Parisian Cabaret classics to a more modern form of ballad usually found in contemporary pop. Her music is certainly in a category of its own. 

She had a successful modeling career in her native Africa, and later has been a film and theatre actress, seen on screen as a lead in the award-winning feature BYE BYE AFRICA (as Aicha Yelena; Venice Film Festival, CinemA Venice Award in the category Best First Film, Luigi De Laurentiis Award – Special Mention) and in a 2010 film CEREMONY (dir. Max Winkler, starring Uma Thurman) as well as in theatrical productions off-Broadway. Her first song album will be released in 2020. 

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