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AKITA Celebrates Letting Loose With New Album For The Night

AKITA has recently released their first full-length LP, For The Night. According to the band, it took a year of preparation to write and record the album. They narrowed down their best eight songs from 18 written and spent three full days at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, NC. The new record includes “Now or Never,” “Bet,” “Magic Market,” “Shine Down,” “Tiger Claw,” and “The Way It Is.”

The title track “For The Night” exudes a late-night, club vibe that is the perfect antidote for a long, tiresome week of work and stress.”We pour an energy into this song that inspires having a good ass time and letting loose,” says AKITA. 

With a dynamic mix of sound elements, AKITA’s seven-member band blends their diverse musical knowledge, skills, personalities, and influences to create an electrifying atmosphere in their music. The group’s songwriting process usually begins with a riff or line suggested by one member, which is then built upon through a long process of ideas and decision-making to determine what sounds best. Additionally, For The Night features the unique talents of three other artists who bring their own elements of violin, flute, and female vocals, adding a distinctive touch to the album.

In celebration of the record’s release, the band has extended their tour locations further into the Southeast. AKITA raised funds for a bus through a Kickstarter campaign, and two fans who supported the campaign will join the members on the bus for a leg of the tour. 

When it comes to live performances, AKITA focuses on preparation and stage performance. They practice relentlessly to ensure they can let loose on stage and have a great time. The band also loves adding fun moments for the audience, such as t-shirt launchers, a rotating platform for their keyboardist, and a flaming trombone.

Listen to the full album here:

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